The 15M Archive Assembly wishes to thank the outpouring of support received from
other 15M committees and CSO Casablanca during these uncertain times after the
kidnapping of the 15M physical Archive, located in the CSO Casablanca center.
The 15M Archive Project has the strength and desire to keep on working on the digital
material, while fighting for the recovery of the physical material. The 15M Archive
together with CSO Casablanca will initiate all initiatives and legal actions available to
The seized material in Casablanca CSO includes several documentary series of banners,
posters, letters, records, minutes, news, pictures, etc. that were collected during the 15M
camping in Puerta del Sol during events and demonstrations organized by the 15M,
namely Outraged Marches or 19J, among others. We are concerned about the physical
safety of these materials, largely very delicate, that can deteriorate rapidly.


Archivo sol 15m

Similarly, consumables, map cabinets, furniture, computers and a new hard drive as
well as cash have been lost. At this point we would like to underline that all these
materials had been purchased with the financial support of the 15M movement as a
whole, by private financial donations and fundraising events. We also would like to
reassure everybody that the material seized does not contain sensitive information.
Digital files were not in the room when the police assault took place.
The 15M Archive Assembly supports the continuity of CSO Casablanca project
with which we are closely linked, and we want to support people who entered during
the eviction to retrieve their belongings and have received a letter accusing them of
misappropriation, and all groups that have lost their working spaces and materials as
Bibliosol, Madera de Cayuco, Tartaruga, Common House and others who are in the
same situation.
As other groups have shown, it was a completely illegal eviction,-without any prior
judicial notice, and for the sole purpose of lowering the popular pressure for the 25S
demonstration before the Congress, in a clear maneuver of demobilization of social
movements. We know that the order was given from the Madrid Government Office
and that it had nothing to do with the case opened because the squatting of the property.

Archivo sol 15m
Finally, as guarantors and trustees we have been of the 15M Physical Archive, for over

a long year of work, we demand the full recovery of usurped property.
All material stored in the CSO Casablanca has a single owner and that is the people
of Madrid who in an act of rebellion camped in the Puerta del Sol in May 2011. We
insist on this point, the materials collected are the collective heritage of the people from
Madrid and must be of public use. They constitute the historical memory of a «civil
society movement.»
Pull down the wall, save the 15m Archive!

Archivo sol 15m
——–> Galería de imágenes del archivo 15m


  1. De verdad que estaba buscando esto, la verdad que es bueno conseguir sitios web como este, ahora mismo iniciaré un proyecto que tiene mucho que ver.

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